Front-end Developer

Rochester, New York, United States Part-time


MotionSavvy is bringing 3D sensing technology to the deaf community to provide real time sign language interpretting in a small and effecient form factor. It's product name UNI is designed to run on standard off the shelf hardware such as windows surface pro 4 tablets. 

Why Us:

MotionSavvy has been recognized in numerous publications for it's innovative work that impacts roughly 360M+ deaf individuals. Being deaf in today's world is like moving to a country that speaks a different language and never being able to learn the language spoken. 

The Position:

MotionSavvy's core application is need of new assetts to be integrated into our user friendly UI. We need someone with the right skill set to take the lead. Are you up to the challenge? The person hired for this position would be repsonsible for taking packaged resources and integrating , testing , and publishing a UI that is ready for production.


  • Develop new user facing functionality via ElectronJS platform
  • Ensure technical and maintanability of the UI / UX design and functionality.
  • Optimize applictation for speed , accessiblity and scalability.
  • Integration with background via communciations layer


  • Proficient understanding of web languages HTML / CSS
  • Proficient understanding of Javascript frameworks incoluding jQuery
  • Proficient understanding of how to utilize multi-threaded , and multi-process application development.


  • $16/hr Base pay
  • 10-15 hours per week