Machine Learning Engineer: Time Series

Rochester, New York, United States Part-time


MotionSavvy is bringing 3D sensing technology to the deaf community to provide real time sign language interpretting in a small and effecient form factor. It's product name UNI is designed to run on standard off the shelf hardware such as windows surface pro 4 tablets. 

Why Us:

MotionSavvy has been recognized in numerous publications for it's innovative work that impacts roughly 360M+ deaf individuals. Being deaf in today's world is like moving to a country that speaks a different language and never being able to learn the language spoken. 


The Position:

If you strip away all the details of what our system actually is, large parts of the recognition side of things turn out to be doing classification and segmentation on high-dimensional time series data. For that matter, many other problems can be made to look a bit like that too. Techniques developed for working with speech, financial data, sensor telemetry, online stroke-based handwriting recognition and so on may be applicable to the larger catagory of problems, and all of this stuff calls for algorithms and approaches quite a bit different from many other common machine learning tasks. We are looking for a machine learning specialist with a nack for these kinds of problems who can lend their expertise to our team.


  • Time Series Analysis
  • Develop and improve methods for sign and fingerspelling recognition, primarilly using skeleton tracking data
  • Help the machine learning team with other tasks as required


  • Substantial experience working on sequence labeling, time series segmentation, approximation, or classification, information retreival with variable length time series data or similar problems
  • Proficient with Python
  • Familiar with Git or another modern, distributed version control system
  • NoSQL database experience is a plus
  • Significant research experience is a plus
  • ASL proficiency is a plus


  • $16 / hour
  • 10-20 hours / week