ASL Signer

Rochester, New York, United States Contract


MotionSavvy is bringing 3D sensing technology to the deaf community to provide real time sign language interpretting in a small and effecient form factor. It's product name UNI is designed to run on standard off the shelf hardware such as windows surface pro 4 tablets. 

Why Us:

MotionSavvy has been recognized in numerous publications for it's innovative work that impacts roughly 360M+ deaf individuals. Being deaf in today's world is like moving to a country that speaks a different language and never being able to learn the language spoken. 



  • Adding Handshapes, Signs, FingerSpelling , and Phrase samples to our ASL database
  • Adding Annotations to the above mentioned samples

Annotations are descriptive labels to regions of interest in a video playback of the individuals recording.

  • Peer review other ASL signers samples , and review annotations for accuracy


  • Abillity to work in a tightly controlled data collection program
  • Ability to work in an fast paced environment
  • ASL Proficiency
  • English Proficiency


  • $7,000 / 3 months