Machine Learning Engineer : NLP / Machine Translation

Rochester, New York, United States Part-time


MotionSavvy is bringing 3D sensing technology to the deaf community to provide real time sign language interpretting in a small and effecient form factor. It's product name UNI is designed to run on standard off the shelf hardware such as windows surface pro 4 tablets. 

Why Us:

MotionSavvy has been recognized in numerous publications for it's innovative work that impacts roughly 360M+ deaf individuals. Being deaf in today's world is like moving to a country that speaks a different language and never being able to learn the language spoken. 

The Position:

When we talk with people about what we are trying to do, most of the time usually gets spent on hand tracking, sign recognition, segmentation and so on. It's exciting stuff, and we're pretty proud of it, but we can't just leave it at that. ASL is its own language with little in common with English, and though a word-for-word conversion is often somewhat comprehensible, no one wants to read "City you from name what?" instead of "What city do you live in?". ASL has some unique challanges for machine translation, such as having no single, widely used written form and making use of spacial features and contextual information to convey meaning, so solving this problem is going to involve challenging, cutting edge work. We need someone with the right skill set to take the lead. Are you up to the challenge?



  • Apply machine translation techniques to translation of ASL to English
  • Develop techniques and algorithms to address unique challenges faced in translating sign languages
  • Apply predictive techniques to improve sign and fingerspelling recognition accuracy
  • Investigate existing parallel corpora for applicability to the application, and develop tools to work with them as necessary
  • Evaluate off the shelf voice recognition technologies, and develop grammers for specific applications


  • Proficient with python
  • Strong algorithm design skills
  • Previous experience in machine translation and familiarity with both statistical and rule or example based approaches
  • Significant research experience is a plus
  • ASL proficiency strongly prefered


  • $16/hr Base pay
  • 10-15 hours per week